With two of our daughters having gone through the Liberty Lacrosse program–currently starters at Ivy league schools–and a third daughter in the program recruited to UPenn for 2016, we can honestly say that having Danielle Gallagher and her staff coaching and mentoring our girls is why they are where they are today!  While we fully understand that you will get out of the program what you put into it, having Danielle’s expertise, connections, and knowledge of not only the game but of the recruiting process is invaluable.  Over the last nine (9) years she was always available when our girls had questions or concerns and guided them–and us–along the ever-changing, uncertain path of the recruiting process.  As long as our daughters followed the steps they needed to take, Danielle always helped navigate them (sometimes behind the scenes) to achieve their goals! All In–Go Liberty!
The Markham Family

I brought my daughter to the Recruiting Forum on the 9th and found it to be the most informative lacrosse event that I have ever attended.  It not only helped me understand so much about the process, but also my daughter.  It was especially nice for her to hear all of that information directly from coaches and not her parents.  It was really a great night.  I can certainly see why my daughter’s former travel coach and our good family friend, Jennifer Meyer, speaks so highly of your organization.
Mike Conway

We  had three girls go through the LIBERTY LACROSSE program with Danielle Gallagher spanning approximately 10 years. We found the program to exceptional where they developed great skills, made long lasting friendships and were recruited by schools they would never have dreamed of. We would highly recommend LIBERTY to any family looking to involve their daughter in a travel lacrosse program.
Carolyn and Jimmy McTiernan
Garden City

Liberty Lacrosse has been a great experience for the Corcoran family over the last 13 years. Going through the program provided a great lacrosse education and opened the doors to many opportunities for college. Danielle Gallagher’s devotion to making the most out of each girl is the key. Not only does she have great contacts in the college lacrosse world, she provides an atmosphere that allow the players to grow and become better. The teams have former college players as coaches which I feel is a great intro into allowing the girls a firsthand relationship into what it takes to play division 1. Having had my 3 daughter’s Rosie (Georgetown class of 13’) ,Nina (Penn class of 16’) and Chrissy (Penn class of 19’) all go through the program ,without a doubt liberty lacrosse proved a platform for success. The Corcoran family is very proud to be associated with Liberty Lacrosse. James and Maria Corcoran

I can’t thank Danielle Gallagher enough for all that she did to help my daughter. We as parents were clueless in the college recruiting process. Danielle provided insight in to many topics that were foreign to us. She helped us get started in the recruiting process, educated us on how to do the right thing by coaches and the guided us with the timing of how and when to do things. Danielle provided us an introduction to a world we never would have access to otherwise. With the guidance of Danielle and her instruction with Liberty Lacrosse my daughter was prepared to step on to the field as a Freshman in a D1 school.
Anonymous, Proud Parent.